I Like Pink.

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Found these pink plastic letters today while running a million and one errands. Surprising as it sounds (due to my lack of blog entries) I have been busy sewing lots. I am working on some one of a kind plushies for a couple different shows (all due in Jan) Plus I have been painting again…I promise to post some more interesting photos as soon as I can.

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p.s. my hair is pink again…

Solar Active Yarn!

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Today I spun the yarn on the top left and plyed it with solar active thread! The thread looks inncocent and white, basically blends into the yarn…UNTIL…you go out in the sun! Then the thread turns a nice bright pink. Sadly the sun is sinking fast and I couldn’t get a good picture of it while it was pink. I will try again tomorrow!

I have a bunch of other colors and plan to play around making some more yarn with them. I also have glow in the dark threads, though I have no idea how I could photograph the yarn glowing. Just think your hat or scarf could look a little different inside vs. outside! Fun!

I’ll be adding the new yarns to the shop tomorrow. I have one more drying that I havent been able to take a photo of yet, so should be four to update.

We are in the midst of potty training right now (day 3) And I cannot believe how well he is doing with it! He has been able to wear regular underwear all day accident-free, its actually kind of mind boggling…but very very awesome! We even took a trip to the library and then out to eat at a cute little italian restaurant. He was able to tell me in time everytime he needed to use the bathroom! Hurray!!