Back from Boston!

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We arrived home from Boston last night around 9:30pm, sleepy and tired from such a long ride home. I tried to get caught up on all the emails (yet another reason I am considering a laptop) and tried to respond to the ones that needed an immediate answer…..

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The Bazaar Bizarre was amazing (as always) The building they used (The Boston Center For The Arts) was so large and spacious. Though there still ended up being a huge line out front (due to the amount of people exceeding fire code) That is a lot of handmade shoppers!

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I sold so much stuff, and had to keep dipping into my extra stash of plushies under the table to refill everything, but by the time 8 o’clock rolled around my table was looking pretty shabby!

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I am going to post more photos on my flikr account, which you can see here: We had such a good time, and the weather was actually really great the whole stay. We left Boston on Tuesday morning and headed over to Easthampton MA to meet Kevin Scalzo and his wife Djerba
They were both so awesome, and even took us upo to see Reprodepot and Kevin’s studio. Let me just say the shelves and shelves of amazing fabric were almost too much to bear! Kevin had a huge painting out that he was working on, and Tom and I both were just amazed. I showed them both tattoos I have of Kevin’s work, and it was just a really nice time.
I also did some serious shopping in their new store Peanut I will actually be selling some of my stuff there after the holidays. But if your near East Hampton you really should check it out! They have such great stuff, and and…loads of Cram Cream brand goodies!

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All in all we had a super trip, and I promise to talk more about it later! For now i have many orders to get packed and shipped….and loads of new stock to make for this weekends show in Brooklyn NY! Check the news section for info!

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5 Responses to Back from Boston!

  1. kate says:

    Oh, I just love the little cartoon bubbles for price signs! That’s brilliant!

  2. persephone says:

    Oh! I am so glad that you sold a lot of stuff. That must be great at Christmas time!

  3. Justin says:

    i thought i walked by you on monday….i have a studio in eastworks. small world!

  4. Dawn says:

    Your stuff is just so. . .”cute”. I’m really glad you did so well.

  5. susie says:

    heidi, i missed doing the bazaar without you! not the same!