Sightings + Flax

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I’ll be keeping pretty busy this week, getting orders finished + shipped…and everything ready for our trip up to Boston. The tampon tails above was too funny to resist getting a picture of. You might have seen my tampons for sale online at also.

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A few weeks ago I bought some flax waste fiber (kind of feels like hemp, on the rough side) I wanted to try and spin some to see how it would turn out, so I added some cotton, wool, and loads of sparkle. It spins up pretty neat. Nothing you could use for a scarf…but would make a great tote bag. or crocheted bowls. I am making some little ones of of the yarn to hold small gifts. But, I thought a big bowl crocheted out of the stuff would be great for holding apples or oranges!

Some fun mypapercrane sightings lately did a really nice review of my Spin Spin zine here: and Juxtapoz had a little blurb about my site in the news section if you scroll down to Nov. 28th.

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2 Responses to Sightings + Flax

  1. I really love that crocheted bowl! It almost reminds me of a sparkly birds nest in a really amazing way.

  2. Heather says:

    I was going to say that, your crocheted bowl looks like a nest! I love it!!