Meet stumpy, a little tree stump. Sometime in March I am taking part in a group show called Flora + Fauna. I am excited to make plush trees and plants, and maybe even some weird little flowers for the show. I asked if I could make a life sized tree stump, and got the go ahead. I decided to make a few small ones first, so I could play around with differen’t fabrics for the bark. Stumpy is my first try.

He is obviously sad because he has been chopped down. What Stumpy does not realize is a tree stump is good for something—a resting spot! I think maybe its time to reread The Giving Tree to prove it to him.

In other strange news (because yes, referring to a plush tree stump as if it is real is a little strange) Tom and I have become Lost devotees! It’s funny because I always assumed the show Lost was a reality show, and would have never thought to Netflix it. Turns out not only is it not a reality show, but one of the main characters is Charlie from Party Of Five (haha) Our friend Brett (also a brainwashed devotee) convinced Tom and I to give it a try. Now it is a sick sad LOST world here at our house. Last night..and I am ashamed to admit it…butonce the kids were asleep … we watched all four episodes from season 1 disc 2! All 4!! Right in a row!! Sick and twisted I know, but we just couldn’t help ourselves!

More Photos..

Here are a few more photos of where I work.

My computer desk and cork board. The computer desk is the kind that folds up to hide the computer…Like a space saver deal, I think we have closed it up maybe three times in the couple of years we have owned it.
The computer desk is home to our many stickers we have gotten over the years, and the cork board holds all kinds of stuff..from postcards, to pins, to patches and homemade pom poms.

Above my sewing table. I keep meaning to take these down and spray paint them pink, but haven’t yet. The bottom one holds all my one inch button parts, and the top one holds all kinds of other little stuff. Of course the tops makes great shelves for toys.
I’ll try and take some more photos of the entire room later today. Sometimes its hard to get good photos because the room has four big windows and tends to make the room look dark and the windows look like big bright balls of light!