Tree Stump #2

Tree stump #2, I wanted to see how it would look with a bark that was unified. I have one more try for the stumps before I make a desicion for the large one. A couple of people have been asking about buying stumps..These little guys will be going to a show at Gallery 1988 in LA next month along with a bunch of other one of a kind plushies. That shows runs from Feb. 7-14. The Flora + Fauna show is in March at Hobby Horse in Berkeley CA. I will post more info once I find out the dates.

Here you can see the stumps together.

Back to books again I just finished reading the book Lit Riffs Edited by Matthew Miele. Basically they had authors “cover” a song by writing a short story based on the song of their choice. I picked it up for two reasons. #1 Aimee Bender was one of the writers and #2 Someone covered a Tom Wait’s song. I really enjoyed it, and what an awesome idea for a book. It was really interesting to see how each author interperted the project just a little bit differently then the next.