More plush for the one of a kind plush show..although I am not 100% happy with him. He may end up being a practice one if the next one I try comes out better. Look at that top graham cracker, all crooked! I could try and act like I did it on purpose, but that would be a big fat lie :)

My new favorite shirt. I wish you could tell from the photo, but the whole shirt is covered in numbers. Little tiny numbers. It was an ugly turtleneck (no offense to anyone who can rock the fitted cotton turtleneck, I am just not one of you) I found it at goodwill and had to buy it. Little tiny black numbers all over! I figured I would alter the collar somehow like I did to another goodwill turtleneck (that was royal blue and covered in amazing flowers!) But with the last one I used my serger and created a scoop neck sort of tank top out of it. I had the number turt hanging around for a couple of weeks, and while I really wanted to wear it..I was too lazy to alter it. So instead I cut down the front of the turtle neck and it magically turned into the nice neck you see above! Ohh Ahhh…Ok, so maybe that is very obvious to a lot of people, but I never would have thought about it, so I thought I should share :)

Tuesday night I got my “Kevin Scalzo painting” tattoo finished (Kevin/Djerba I will email you a photo very very soon!) it looks awesome, Eric did a great job! Then he took us to an amazing Japanese restaurant. Some of the best food I have eaten in a very long time. We plan to drag some friends there soon (my excuse to go back and eat more yummy stuff) The night before Eric tattooed me, Tom tattooed the back of my leg. Its a bird and roses that he drew for me. He said I am a sissy for not letting him finish it all, but its big from the back of my knee down to my ankle…so sissy-pants? I think not. I sat through the outline, and shading, then he did some of the coloring..Then I said “feel free to stop whenever you want”..haha