Yarn + Breakfast foods..

I added some new yarn to the shop today. I have been spinning a little more then normally. I like switching around between sewing/spinning/painting etc. I am in awe of people who just focus on one set thing. I could never do that.

I also added two more toaster purses to the shop, and will be adding two more on Monday. Today the kids are off school for a teacher in-service day. So we have library plans, and then hopefully to the big spinning shop so I can pick up some more wool. I ordered 5,000 new business cards yesterday…I have been out of cards for so long! I really wanted to get the rounded corners, but that would have been an extra $100, and I just could not justify that.

I hope to check out the book Housekeeping after reading Alicia’s lovely entry about it. When she said “ For so long I’d felt like Housekeeping was my book, somehow — a secret I shared only with those I trusted completely, and I would offer it up to them two-handed, with an earnest, twitching hopefulness: Love this (and me), please. ” I was so stunned, because this is precisly how I feel about my most favorite books! Like little secrets that I never wanted to share, except of course with someone most special. :) Such a beauitful entry!

While on the subject of books a couple of friends of mine have created book groups online. One on livejournal ReadWriteRecite and one on Myspace Reading Repartee