The books of our lives..


In this family if there is one thing we like to do..its read. We got to the library a lot, but we also frequent the local used bookstores (and we have some really good ones too!) We’ve got books in the kitchen…


Books in the dining room…This is a new shelf we just bought, gotta love ikea for those great big shelves! As you can tell it still has a bunch of great big empty spots. Just an excuse to buy more books if you ask me.


This shelf is in the livingroom. It has gotten pretty full over the years, looks like it times to clean it up a bit.


Even the kid’s room is filled with books. These are just two of the shelves. The other two are next to the windows and the photos keep coming out too dark. My ten year old is a bit of a book junkie….makes a mom proud!

The other day I order the book Appendix A by AM Homes, it is a bit of a sequel (or further look into) the disturbing book The End Of Alice. While looking around on Amazon I saw she had a new book coming out in April. Well being the impatient person I am, I decided to see if I could find an advance reading copy, and voila! I found a copy on and soon the book will be in my eager little hands 3 months early! :) Granted it will be an uncorrected proof, but I dont mind at all! I thought I’d share that little tip with those of you who might be equally as bad at the waiting game.