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The cauliflower is in the mustard family (I did not know that) and it is considered a herb. It is said to have a whiteish underdeveloped “flower” with a large edible head. Gotta love online dictionaries.

Today Jessee and I drove to Rockville for the first meeting of the newly formed D.C. Craft Mafia. It was such a nice lunch with some great gals. It was really great to see Tina + Jeff again. They brought their twin babies who everytime I have ever seen them are so happy + smiley. Today was no exception, full of smiles.. they really are wonder-parents!

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There is this great group on Flickr called Corners of my home It is so much fun to go through all the photos. I am going to upload some of my own soon. The above two photos were taken in my kitchen. Gotta love Ebay for fun goodies like the plastic pots + pans with faces. Best part is when I won the auction I had no idea they were so large. The auction didn’t include anything about demensions, so I had assumed they would be little. I was very pleasantly surprised!

The second photo is a shelf that hangs in the kitchen. We originally purchased it for holding spices, but the toys have taken over and forced the spice jars into the cupboard!

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5 Responses to Cauliflower

  1. Malinda says:

    TOTALY LOVE THIS STUFFIE!!!! CAn’t wait to get my pins in the mail!

    SO CUTE!!!

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    I love those plastic pots and pans. Do you have any more information on them?

  3. Sarah says:

    Those little fruits and veg with the faces (and the sideways glances) on the top shelf of your spice rack? I have Tommy Tomato! I get no end of my family making fun of how silly looking he is. I can’t believe you have the same toys. Though, if anyone would have produce with funny faces, I suppose it would show up here. Awesome!
    Oh, and that cauliflower is totally awesome.

  4. Heatherica says:

    I love those pots and pans with faces!!! So cute!!

  5. KiWi says:

    Hey, your curtains are my bed sheets.