Video Killed The Radio Star..

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A television set rounded out the last of the plush for the Gallery 1988 show. They are all boxed and waiting now to be shipped. These photos are not the best, sorry. I wanted to hurry and get everything packed and ready to go, and the light early this morning wasn’t the best.

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A few things about the t.v. #1 He is sad because well, the whole “video killed the radio star” thing has him feeling pretty down. I mean honestly, if you were accused of killing off radio stars, you’d be crying too. #2 See the silver metallic stuff on the antenna …its supposed to be tinfoil. I wanted something a little more shiney, but couldn’t find anything that pleased me locally…so I had to settle for the slightly dull silver you see there. #3 I photographed it, boxed it up, and realized I had forgotten something..the cord! Ha, well I suppose this is some new furturistic cordless tv!

I will be updating new yarn later today so check back. Yesterday was a fun day. B had a playdate with his little cousin who is the same age. Which meant the lovely adult company of Sean + Amanda for me! Ahh the alure of adult conversation :)

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6 Responses to Video Killed The Radio Star..

  1. kara says:

    THAT is the epitome of awesomeness! :D

  2. Sarah says:

    (i posted this in your livejournal feed but i dont think that works, right?)

    that is so incredibly cute. i love his static-y screen and i KNEW that was tinfoil…i’ve seen a lot of it used in such a way over the years. rabbit ears 4-eva!
    when you ship things off to distant places, do you put each plush into a plastic bag? if so (or even if not) do you have any idea where one could get some? (i have to ship some pillows soon and i’d rather not put them in grocery store bags and i dont want them to get messy should the package be puddled.) thanks!

  3. stevie says:

    I’m in love. Amazing.

  4. Frizz says:

    SO CUTE. You just want to cheer the little guy up!!

  5. vespertine says:

    i like the fabric used for the screen.

  6. Colleen says:

    Oh man, I so want a sad TV in my living room! Pure Awesomeness.