the monster mash..

Last night Tom and I went to the local drive in for the Saturday Horror shows. Horror at the Hager happens every Saturday night. They usually show two old movies, and on occasion I think 3. Last night was Return Of The Living Dead + Pieces. We had already seen both, but it was still lots of fun.

A lot of people we knew were there also, so we brought a foam mattress and everyone sat out in front of the cars. There was a tiny bit of rain, but for the most part it stayed dry. The intermission did take over an hour because of a hole in the screen (its a blow up type screen), I brought knitting with I didn’t even really mind.

In fact I got two scarves done for a shop that is stockpiling for the fall season, which will someday soon be upon us! Anyhow, if you are in the area check out the website because they play a lot of old movies at the drive-in. Tonight I am making baked ziti, bread, steam broccoli and a chocolate cake. We have dinner guests! Afterwards I may be up super late finising work realted stuff, but thats ok :)

Horror at the Hager

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2 Responses to the monster mash..

  1. Bronwen says:

    Sounds like a ball wis they had something like that here.

  2. gwynne says:

    I LOVE the wonderwoman knitting bag!