The Woods

This morning Tom and I took the kids to Cunningham Falls, Gambrill State Park, and Frederick’s watershed for some hiking on the various trails. One of the things we collected along the way was these beautiful leaves above. I call them “nature’s lace” they are eaten into this lacey design by bugs, and look oh so delicate.

We also went to see the birds at the bird sanctuary, and for the first time ever in person I saw a bald eagle. I have to say they are so very impressive. I would have never imagined how large of a bird they really are.

Since I got so many sweet comments saying you didn’t mind seeing the same plushies over and over…here ya go! By the way a big huge thanks to all the commenters lately, im so sorry I haven’t been able to make any replies yet…but it is on my to do list I promise!!

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One Response to The Woods

  1. Punkin' Pie says:

    You inspire me with all the adventuresome trips you take your kiddo’s on . I love it! Plushies still look as great as ever.