Baby its cold outside

As the end of October nears it has gotten quite cold. The past few days have been really windy, and all around lovely. I took a photo of this scarf which I made after I had spun yarn for the first time on my drop spindle. Using the drop spindle I would end up with all these little bundles of colorful yarn. So I took them all and knit them into this scarf which I still get out every year and wear. Now that scarf weather is in full efffect, it will be getting another strong season of use. I took two photos of it, just so you can get an idea of how colorful it is, and all the wool was dyed with kool-aid.

Yesterday evening we made our way to Baltimore (along with Sean, Amanda, and E) to meet at Justine and Adam’s house. They live just a short stroll to Patterson Park, where we went for the Great Halloween Lantern Parade. Although the weather was quite cool, with a lot of wind, it was a fantastic night.

We brought plenty of blankets for sitting and wrapping in. We all had scarves, mittens, and hats as well. Adam had made homemade hot chocolate, and I had brought coffee in a thermos to share. I also packed muffins and scones for everyone, and the neighbors made hot cider for us all to share.

The parade of lanterns started at one end of the park. It was really amazing to see the long line of lit up lanterns. There were some smaller beautiful ones, and some that were so huge they needed several people to carry them along. Their were also people playing music along the way, lots of people dressed up, and people on stilts.

After all the lanterns have moved their way through the park the show on the big screen began. It was called the “Magic Lantern Show”, and was an animated story based on Poe’s The Raven. It was all made from cut paper, and projected onto the screen from several projectors..and then moved around as the show went along.

After it ended, we walked back to Justine and Adam’s house for awhile and then drove back home. We didn’t end up back home until close to midnight, but were able to turn the clocks back an hour, so it didn’t seem so late :) Most of these photos came from lovely Amanda’s camera, my cameras photos mainly came out black or blurry, boo!

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  1. Punkin' Pie says:

    Yay for cut paper! Nice yarn and scarf btw.