Yesterday was a lot of fun. We started out the night before by blowing up a package of 70 balloons and then carrying them all up and putting them into B’s room while he slept. Lucky for us he didn’t wake up, not even when we turned on the light to snap a few photos! Of course after carrying them up the steps (which took more then a few trips) we realized blowing them up upsatirs might have been a better idea. In the morning when we went in to wake him up he said “why are all these balloons in my room?” But then he laughed and said “for my birthday?” It was cute.

Then he went down and opened his presents, so K could watch before he headed out to school. Then we met up with my parents for a birthday breakfast. After that we came back to the house so he could play with new toys (and I packed orders) Then Tom and B headed to the park to meet Sean + his cousin for a picnic lunch. (then I ran a few errands, and mailed all the packages)

Afterwards I joined them in the park for a bit, and then we headed home to get things ready for his party.

A little more info on how I made the cake…
I baked three reguler layer cakes (you’ll want to make sure and make homemade cake for these, box mix would be too fluffy, and it needs to be a good denser cake) While those baked I whipped a carton of whipping cream, and then added crushed mint oreos into it (you can use any cookie really).
Once the layers were cooled, I piped a ring of white frosing around the edge of cake layer one. Then I filled the inside of the ring of frosting with the whipped cream mixture. This ring of frosting helps hold the cream in, and makes the entire cake easier to frost once your done.
Next I put on the second layer, again added a ring of frosting and topped it with the cream. Then carefully lay on the top layer. You can then pop the whole thing into the freezer for a good 30 minutes or so to firm it up beore frosting.

Make a double batch of chocolate frosting. Then take about 1 cup of the frosting and mix it with 1 cup of white frosting (this will be for the “cut” part of the tree stump). Take your cake out of the fridge and carefully spread a smooth layer of the lighter brown frosting on the entire top. You can then use a toothpick to draw the rings into the frosting.

Next take a few small unfrosted cupcakes (I used leftovers from the ones I used to make the mushrooms) and with a bit of frosting add them to the lower sides of your cake placed around like they are the roots. You can try cutting the cakes a little to vary the size.

Then with you chocolate frosting spread a thin layer over the entire sides and roots of the cake. Keep the layer thin and concentrate on trapping in any crumbs. Do not stress about how the cake looks at this point. This is called “crumbing” the cake and will ensure the top layer of frosting you put of will look really good. oce the cake is crumbed, pop into freezer again for atleast 15 minutes.

Now remove the cake again and generously frost the sides and roots. You cake pull little whisps of he frosting upwards too, to give it a good bar texture!

Once frosted press either green dyed coconut around the edges, or use some of that Target easter grass that you have mixed with a few drops of food coloring (like I did). The mouth of the tree is just red frosting that comes in a tube. For the eyes I melted a bit of the leftover white frosting and with a spoon carefully dropped two ball shaped blobs of it onto wax paper. Then I pressed two brown M&Ms in for the pupils. I put it in the frezertill hard, then simply peeled and pushed onto the front.

The robin’s eggs are easter candy, and the mushrooms are cupcakes with the tops cut off and bottoms inverted (which I got the how-to for from an old issue of Martha Kids)

ok hope that explains things ok! Sorry I didnt think about taking photos during the whole process!

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4 Responses to Stumpy

  1. myra says:

    That sounds like the best birthday ever! And the cake is incredible!

  2. Dawn says:

    the balloons are the best idea ever – i can just imagine the look on his face

    oh i can’t WAIT to do that for my son just to see that look for myself!

  3. Heather says:

    That balloon idea is fantastic!!! Wesley would flip out, he would be so excited and happy :D

  4. Sam says:

    I love all the balloons! My dad and my brothers once did that in my room with red and pink balloons for Valentines’ Day.. it was the most wonderful and unexpected surprise!