Beautiful Soup

I made another pot of vegan chick-n-dumplings the other day. We love that stuff around warm and the dumplings are just so good. I don’t do the dumplings that float on top like biscuits but rather roll them and cut them like noodles…but they are nothing like noodles in the soup.

I also made “beer” (but used soda) bread for the first time. The only soda I had on hand was cream soda, so it turned out with a bit of sweetness. While it was not really savory enough to dip into the soup, it was really good the next day sliced and toasted with a little cinnamon + sugar.

You can make a loaf using a can of beer, soda, or any carbonated drink..I found this recipe online..
Beer Bread
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp sugar
12 oz room temp beer (or soda)
melted butter (I used earth balance) to brush over finished loaves

Quick and easy, makes one loaf. Mix dry ingredients in large bowl. Stir in beer to form a stiff dough. Turn dough into bread pan sprayed w/veg oil. Bake in 325 degree oven for 65 minutes. Makes a dense, sweetish bread that sticks to the ribs.

inside the snow is falling

…and friends are calling “yoo-hoo”

I have these beautiful giant snowflakes I found at Goodwill last week hung in the dining room windows. They were .50 each and still fully packaged. They sure do add a festive air to the room! We have put up the white tree (which goes in the living room) and plan to decorate that one tonight.

We won’t get a real tree for the dining room (which is where the family gathers) until we get back from Boston. So many things to look forward to! I also found another cute gingerbread man cookie cutter at Goodwill. This one was tiny..can’t wait to make cookies with him.

octopi always burn toast!

This is my other doll for the Welcome To Dollywood show. I had so much fun making them both. I should point out that the dolls are under 12 inches tall or so..the little milk + burnt toast are much smaller than the normal ones I make.

Today is a big mailing day and then I am setting to work on getting loads of plush done for the shop + Bazaar Bizarre Boston. I am going to go ahead and do the shop update on Dec. 1st and it should hopefully include a few tree stumps, mushrooms, and ornaments!