Oh Boston!

We are back (sadly) from Boston and had an amazing time! The only downfall of our trip was airport waiting, and really even that wasn’t so bad. We arrived at the airport about 4am on Saturday morning to find out our 6:30am flight had been cancelled. I have never had a flight cancelled or delayed, so I was a bit worried at first. We have always had United flights, and this time were flying Airtran (yikes, never again!)

We had to wait for someone to come out and she said “yes our flight had been cancelled and we would instead be going on the 8:30am flight.” While not a huge deal, it would have been nice to know in advance…so we waited around the airport for about 4 hours and then when we took off the flight was quick, a little less than an hour.

After we got our rental car we headed to Cambridge. Tom had his hands tattooed by Mike Shay at Redemption Tattoo and they look amazing! I walked around and did a little shopping while he did that. My most favorite find though was next door at a place that had lots of kitchen supplies. In the basement there was a lot of rubbermaid and I was about to go back upstairs when I spotted the coolest packs of napkins ever. They are from the 70’s and of gingerbread men…I bought 3 packs for .50 each, and wish I had gotten even more. I’ll be sure and post a photo later this week.

After we were done there we drove to Quincey MA to check out Kam Man Marketplace. Thomas and I both were overloaded, but in a good way. We found so many fun things, candy, and other food goodies in the market. Then we drove over to TJ’s Scallywaggle’s and got a parking space right out front. Again happy-joy from Tom knowing he could eat anything on the menu. I had a calzone and he had a sandwich..we also ordered a pizza and desserts to go for later since we knew we wouldn’t make it back there during this trip.

Once we were fnished with dinner we headed to The Westin in South Boston (down by the children’s musuem). That place is crazy fancy with valet and door opening when you pull up. It was a little annoying how they wouldn’t even let me carry my coat up to our room..we are more on the self-sufficent side, and it felt weird. The room however was amazing. We actually stayed in a Westin before when we were in Ohio once and that was grand as well.

The following day was Bazaar Bizarre at the Cyclorama! We got up, carried our own bags downstairs and trust me they looked at us quite oddly for this..grabbed some coffee and waited for our car. We got to the Cyclorama pretty early and helped set up some of the tables. Then we got our stuff set out and the crowd + line was getting pretty big outside. At noon the doors opened and the place was packed with lovely shoppers!

The show was a big sucess for me, and half of my earnings paid for our whole trip (which is always nice). I still had lots leftover and sent a box home with Magpie and Craftland (so if your looking for something check with them!) Afterwards we decided to go eat at My Thai thanks to the reccomendation from Susanne!

The food was amazing, and again hard to choose from! We once again got some dessert to go….and did not have any trouble finding parking!

Monday was our last day, and the only day that the weather got a bit icy. We drove to Salem in the morning to walk around and visit a few of the musuems. The sidewalks were so icy that we saw a few people fall, and ended up walking on the side of the road instead of the sidewalks (which was more like ice skating than walking) The roads though were nice and clear.

We went to the Salem Witch Musuem, which we have been to before…but is always fun. Then we also went to the The Peabody Essex Museum. Mostly to see the Origami Now exhibit. On our dive back in to Boston we stopped at four different grocery shops looking for Pick-M-Ups (which are a snack pastry I used to eat growing up in New England) but we couldn’t find them at all. I really was hoping to find the store brand of these instead of Drakes. I remember Shaws having a pack of 6 in the bakery department when I was little…but couldn’t find those either. I did however pick up a Shaw’s reusable grocery bag to add to my bags at home. Shaw’s reminds me of those years in New Hampshire+ Maine! We don’t have Shaw’s stores around here.

Finally we made our ay back to Logan International airport to catch our 4:30pm flight home. We sat at the gate for a little while and then decided to walk around a bit. We walked to the other side of the airport and discovered a world of fancy-pants gates…with nier chairs with foot rests, and even rocking chairs! The whole area looked 100 times nicer then our sad Airtran gates haha.

When we got back to our gate we founf our flight had been pushed up to 5:02pm…and then they pushed it back again to 6:02pm! We finally flew out around then, but the flight home took almost 2 hours! We got back to pick up the kids at almost 10:30pm sleepy and ready to crawl into bed.

I am working now on filling all remaining website orders. Everything will be shipped out by this Friday, if not sooner. I have closed down my webshop but if I end up having a few plush goodies leftover on Friday I will make a little post and whoever wants them can just buy them from my blog. Oh and as always I have more Boston photos over on my Flickr.