It is no secret that I love red + white polka dots—make that into something mushroomy and even better. Today when picking up some other tiny wood parts I saw these small wood “buttons” and thought they would make great toadstool clips.

Some will be packaged up for gifts, others will be used to hold tags onto gifts. Oh and I will also be keeping a few haha.

Most craft shops have a section of wood materials. Things like wooden people, clothespins, wood discs etc. I found three sizes of something called “wooden buttons”..they look pretty toadstooly to me. I have a bunch of cheap acrylic paints for the kids at home, but if you don’t you can pick them up for .50 each usually.

I painted two coats of the red. For the small buttons it works best if you stick the one you are painting down to your work surface with a piece of tape. They are so small that they are hard to hold + paint at the same time. Don’t stress about making the red neat, it really wont be noticable once they are done.

Once the red is completly dry (doesnt take too long at all) use your paintbrush and make single circle dots. Just dip your paintbrush into the paint to get a blob of white and then dab down once on the mushroom. Let these dry all the way and then use glue to attach them to your clothespin! Viola!

The kids and I have been crafting it up! I need to finish up one more gifty that is based on a old german trinket my mom gave me today. The had bought it when we lived in Germany when I was about 3, and I remember playing with it a lot. I was so excited when she gave it to me, because I had forgotten all about it….more on that tomorrow!