So this is the little German trinket I was talking about the other day. In the lower photo you see her right in front. A sweet little lady with a wood bead head, and a sachet boy filled with potpourri. Since I was probably around age 3 when we lived in Germany—I’d guess she is about 27 years old.

When my mom gave her to me the other day I remembered her, and little things about Germany. Like the specific tasting ice pops we ate at a German theme park. Eating dinner at a restaurant that had big glass mugs of beer. These memories are probably patchworked from real memories, stories, and photographs..but still nice tothink about.

When looking at her closely my mom and I both thought she would be easy to remake as little gifts for friends + family. The heads are just little wooden beads. While I am not as awesome at painting wood bead heads as Sarah ;) I think they still turned out ok..and hopefully will be loved, and placed in drawers to scent things up a bit.

The body is just a circle of fabric (about 5 inches diameter) handsewn around the upper edge…then pulled in to gather. I stuffed the bodies with a mixture of potpourri + polyfil. Then I stiched the top hole closed and glued her head in place. Once the heads were dry, with a bit more glue and a triangle of fabric I attached their headscarves.

Interestingly enough I found some info on the word Babushka. It is Russian word meaning “grandmother,” “mother-in-law” or more generally (but quite informally) “old lady.” In the English language the term may have the following meanings:

A type of headscarf tied under the chin. “Babushka” is never used in Russia to mean “headscarf”; that is simply платок (platok).