My eldest son K has been gone for the past few days. Spending time with his grandparents and then hopping over to my sister’s house for a few more days today. He of course is totally loving it, what 12 year old wouldn’t want to spend new year’s eve with his cousins (ages 10 and 12). I have been taking Bean out to do fun things meanwhile, since age 4 is a little too young to spend 5 days without your mom. We have been having a good time though.

The other day we went to Frederick for the afternoon. We dropped off lunch to Tom at the shop and then headed over to the big Goodwill downtown. They have changed it around quite a bit, and the whole store is almost all clothing now (dissapointment!) Then we drove over to E. Church st to check out a Euro Marke we had passed. While the market is small, it is very good also.

They had a nice big bulk of kinder eggs (the only other shop that sells them locally usually only carries a few kinder eggs at a time). There was so many goodies to choose from. If your local you should check it out at 244 E Church St. It is right at the end of the block, diagonal from Flights Of Fancy.

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my new plush. I have three shows coming up and these guys will be going to atleast one of the shows…more on those next week!