On The Road Again

I feel like we have really been on the go the past couple of days, and today is no exception! On Saurday B and I drove out to New Oxford + Gettysburg. We did a bunch of thrift shopping at the flea markets, and then had lunch at the Lincoln Diner in Gettysburg. As you can see he is a big fan of thrift shopping and ever on the lookout for more Star Wars toys.

Yesterday we drove out to Knoxville MD and spent the day at my sister’s house. Today we are going out with Amanda up into PA, and tomorrow Tom’s off and we are meeting up with Katie. Whew, days filled with people we love!

Last night we lit all the candles and Tom brought home italian take out for dinner. Then we stayed up late watching movies (and the snow coming down!) and getting ourselves ready for tonight! We are of course spending New Years Eve in, which is really how I perfer it. We will probably dig out the old home movies, set up a tray of “snacks” instead of dinner, and try not to fall alseep before the clock strikes midnight!