you’re my cuppy-cake gumdrop

Last night the kids and I got into Christmas mode with a bit of gumdrop wreath making. We (ahem) I followed the lovely directions of Alicia Posiegetscozy…the kids on the other hand had their own ideas about how a gumdrop wreath should look. B decided to make his into a spaceship (very minimal with the gumdrops) and a pilot made of gumdrops and toothpicks. K did a few rings of color ways (leaving parts of the syrofoam exposed) and topped his with a giant gumdrop/toothpick angel (that does not look too steady) haha.

Also last night I followed this recipe for vegan cinnamon rolls. We were planning to go get our tree today and I wanted to have some fun breakfast I could make the night before, and then just cook, eat, and go. These cinnamon rolls were perfect for that. I have had so much trouble lately with yeast based recipes, dough never rising I wasa bit worried. My dough took about an hour and a half to double in size…but it did indeed double and gave me new hope for yeast-based recipes!

As the directions say I rolled out the dough, filled it with the cinnamon goodness, rolled it up, cut it…and set them all into a pan covered with plastic wrap and just popped them into the fridge overnight. The next morning the rolls had risen yet again and made me so proud! I made a basic vanilla frosting recipe for the top, and voila quick sugary sweet breakfast. We did go get our tree and decorate it….I love it. Now I finally feel like the house is festive-super-goodness-galore!

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