Bagels and patient craft

I have taken up a little bit of embroidery again. It is always good for me to have a little side stuff I can work on. Good for times when I am waiting in the car.

The homemade bagels were a big hit! So big in fact that after we had baked 8, the next day there was only 1 left (after Tom had spilt one for breakfast with me, and packed one for work) I went a bit plain with the first batch, not being entirly sure on where to mix things in. After I had kneaded the batch for 15 mins, I spilt it in half and kneaded in cinnamon + a pinch of brown sugar into half of the dough. I wanted to add rasins too, but we were out.

The plain dough was topped after boiling, but before baking with sesame seeds, a garlic crumb mix, and one left plain. They were pretty easy to make, and lots of fun. Best of all they tasted really good. I got scared when I took the first tray out of the oven and the crust felt hard…but after letting them cool for about ten minutes the outside had turned into the chewy bagel crust that we were hoping for.

I am going to make another batch on Sunday and this time try out a few more kinds. I have a spinach/tomato idea in mind (think greenish bagels with chunks of sundried tomato through out) When looking for a recipe I came across so very many. I ended up settling on a easy recipe that you could cook the same night. The only changes I made were to let my bagels rise for about an hour and a half before boiling, I made the bagels into circles and cut the middles out using a very small circle cookie cutter (and then stretched the hole a bit), I doubled the recipe, and used rice syrup in the boiling water instead of honey. Next time I will find + buy some barley syrup for the boil water since I saw that in a lot of the recipes I read online. I might also try shaping, boiling them, and then having them sit in the fridge overnight before baking. I read a few things saying to do this…mmm, bagels.

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6 Responses to Bagels and patient craft

  1. Tizzalicious says:

    Your embroidery looks cute! :)

  2. Kate says:

    Mmm, the bagels look great! I gotta make some bagels tomorrow. If you like sweet flavors I’ve made them with diced dried apricots and was really pleased.

  3. Venus says:

    Thank you for the bagel recipe… I’m going to try it Saturday morning.

  4. Nicole says:

    The bagel looks delicious. I really like your embroidery too, it is too cute!

  5. happy zombie says:

    Thank you for the recipe and the tips! I must try this – hard to get good bagels where I live, and have been wanting to take a stab at making my own.

    I love your embroidery too!

  6. furiousball says:

    if i could open my mouth wide enough, i’d totally be down with a home made bagel.