my little dutch baby!

The dutch baby was scrumptious! I sort of did a combo of a couple of recipes I found. Before I had decided to make one I searched long and far for a vegan version so Tom could eat it with us. Since dutch babies contain anywhere from 2-4 eggs….I just didn’t turn anything up (this doesn’t mean I have given up or that some dutch baby experimentation will not happen in my future) It just meant I made the recipe while Tom was at work and would not have to watch as we ate the puffy beauty.

The fun thing about dutch babies is they rise + rise and turn golden brown. The kids thought it was funny to keep running back to the oven to check on the status of our baby, but turned out to be a bit cautious when it came to tasting (what is wrong with these kids? the whole thing is covered in berries and powdered sugar??)

B said it was ok and would only eat small nibbles of the baby–but ate all his fruit. K said it was pretty good but tasty eggy (I reminded him that it just taste a lot like french toast did and this somehow seemed to make the whole thing taste better to him.) I thought it tasted awesome, much like french toast with more of a pancake texture. I could see all the variations like maple syrup, whipped cream, raspberries, etc. Most especially if I could come up with a healthier vegan version.

I preheated my oven to 450 degrees. In my standup mixer I combined 4 Egglands Best eggs (these are at least from cage free chickens who are feed a vegetarian diet), 1/2 cup of white flour (next time I would try 1/2 wholewheat), 1 tsp vanilla, 1 cup fatfree coffee creamer (I used vanilla), 1 tbsp sugar.

Meanwhile at the same time I placed my glass pan on the stove top (this was one of my recent thrifted finds for .50!) and melted 4 tbsp of the whipped Earth Balance butter, on low heat until melted. You can use a cast iron skillet, or even a glass pie pan. When using the glass on the stove top just be sure to heat it slowly + use room temp. butter so the glass does not crack.

In my stand up mixer I whipped all the ingredients for about 5 minutes maybe slightly less, until the butter was melted. Then I poured the whole thing into the butter pan and put it in the oven for 20 mins. It is a good idea to have something on the next shelf down in case any of the butter drips out as the baby rises.

After 20 minutes turn the oven down to 350 degrees and cook for about 8 more minutes. The baby will rise high and look just amazing. Serve immediately, as the baby will deflate as it cools.

The little girl doll at the top is the one I have been thinking about, though I am not completely thrilled with the results. You know how I get stuck on certain images…and themes and well its not pleasing when they do not turn out the way I had hoped. I would really love to somehow sew a Matryoshka (nesting doll) that matches the one in my head. It is just going to take a bit more time.

Meanwhile the sun is shining, I have been packing up orders, and the day is off to a nice start. The week coming up is going to be jam packed. I have a day of flyering for Sat’s show, a day that is my sisters birthday, and a few Valentines projects to work on for my sweethearts (tom + kids).

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5 Responses to my little dutch baby!

  1. Annika says:

    Yum! Oh, that looks so very good. I will definitely be trying it soon.

  2. Nicole says:

    The Dutch Baby looks so tasty, I haven’t made breakfast yet, and I might just have to give this one a try. I really like the little doll too, she looks so sweet.

  3. DeerDominique says:

    Yum. Ever try it with lots o butter, lemon juice and a sprinkling of powdered sugar? That’s my favorite way, but I really like lemon, a lot.
    Your Dutch Baby turned out beautifully.

  4. Kristen says:

    My mom would make dutch babies for Christmas morning every year. They are amazing. I still love that puffy delight. Oh god, I want one right now. I love them with a squeeze of lemon and powdered sugar. My mom got the recipe in the 70’s about a restaurant in Seattle that had them. Now here I am and can’t find them anywhere. oh well

  5. Heather says:

    Wow, that thing looks amazingly delicious. I have never heard of it before! Wes and I are definitely going to make it!!