Carrot Cake

So yes I baked a carrot cake, and it was so tasty! I was inspired after recieving a copy of Paris, Les Enfants Et La Cuisine De Goma in the mail from YesAsia. I posted the ISBN and cover over at flickr. I saw this cake in the back cook booky section (which of course I couldn’t read) but was immediately enchanted with the little mushrooms on top. I decided it was probably a carrot cake (the bunnies, and the color of the cut slice). I used this recipe for the cake + frosting and added some green food coloring while mixing the frosting. I added some green sprinkles to the top of the cake afterwards for “grass”.

They didn’t have any instructions or photos of the making of the mushrooms, so I just sort of winged that. Mine came out considerable bigger, but I was still pretty happy with them. The cake and frosting is all vegan, I just took the mushrooms off Tom’s slice before giving it to him :)

I love how their cake has a slightly domed shape, and those bright green long skinny sprinkles. I would love to find a US supplier for long skinny sprinkles. The sprinkles I always find are the shorter fat chunky ones.

Now I am off for a huge trip to the post office and then I plan to clean out the attic. I have boxes and boxes of toys, fabrics, and vintage goodness that is not doing me any good up there. I am going to try and sell the things I don’t need on ebay to clear some space out. I figure even if I only save about a fat quarter of each fabric piece for myself, that is plenty!

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10 Responses to Carrot Cake

  1. Tizzalicious says:

    That must be the coolest looking cake I’ve ever seen!

  2. ki from lj says:

    those mushrooms rock. i showed them to my little one (from your previous post) and he actually lamented not being crazy about white chocolate because he really wanted me to make them. i still need to try to make your mushroom cupcakes. i just have the worst time with cupcakes. either i fill them too full or not full enough. it’s like there’s some trick to it that i just never learned.

    anyway, love your fabulous edible creations, as always! (:

  3. ashleyd says:

    absolutely adorable!!

  4. monda-loves says:

    WOW, that cake is great! I bet it was tasty too – although I would struggle to eat something that looked that cool.


  5. Nicole says:

    Your cake looks amazing! I love the bright green icing, and the little mushrooms are too cute :)

  6. Claire P says:

    Mmmmm! that cake looks great! Save me a slice :)

  7. cecilie says:

    Oh, cooool!!
    Love this cake (of course, you know me, ha ha), and I feel super inspired to try out new cakes. Still have to try out the stump cake that my boyfriend loved so much. :)

  8. kristina says:

    this looks so good! i will try to make one myself for my family easter brunch.

  9. elizabeth says:

    that cake is marvelous. makes me want spring even more. and the plate is so nice.