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Yesterday in the mail I received a copy of Artful Blogging, a magazine by Somerset Studios. I was very flattered that my plush houses photo was included in the article about Whip Up. In case you have never heard of Whip Up (which I doubt, but just incase) It is Collaborative weblog sharing news and information on many kinds of crafts

There are some great blogs featured in the magazine like Jek’s Scrumdillydilly, and the blog Elsa Mora which I actually just started reading about a week ago.

This kind of nicely leads up to something I have been wanting to post…to ask for links to your blogs! In the last few weeks I have found some lovely blogs all through my comments. Such as When Skies Are Gray, Head Explodie, Peapods, and so many more!!

I use a blog reader to read them all and it saves so much time, and will just show you what has been updated. So dear readers, do you have a blog? Please do tell!

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48 Responses to Artful Blogging

  1. reenie says:


    Where is your blog hosted? I want to add YOU to my reader.


  2. enviee says:

    I currently just blog over at Livejournal. is my craft journal, its probably more interesting than my normal emo crap in my main journal. (I dont update ALL that often because I’m pregnant and cranky apparently!)

  3. reenie says:

    ah HA!
    figured it out-

  4. Julie says:

    I want to do a write up about you on mine! I just started it in February and am having lots of fun with it =)

  5. Leta says:

    Mine’s a little bit of everything and not yet what I would like it to be (even after two years!). Always room for improvement, right?!?!

  6. Venus says:

    Mines is (which is under construction)… it’s hosted at livejournal…

  7. Kit Knitty says:


    I have a very young blog at I haven’t posted in a week or so, but I’m planning to be very active very soon!

  8. Michelle says:

    Blogs are so fun! I don’t know what I would do at work without them :P

    here is mine:

  9. why yes I do have a blog come and visit us at Punk Rock Parents

  10. Maartje says:

    Blog readers are the best! I just figured out how to use my google reader and I doubt if I can ever live without it. It’s so easy!

    I started my own blog a couple of weeks ago:

  11. joybucket says:

    I read you through my LJ friends feed where I am “itsswoop”. I’m

  12. Jessie Mae says:

    I go to blogs one at a time, and I generally look at them in the same order each day. Looking at them out of the usual order makes me strangely uncomfortable.

    My blog is

  13. i read your blog all the time, i love your work, i’m a tad jealous!! im just starting out really but heres my blog —>

  14. i read your blog all the time, i love your work, i’m a tad jealous!! im just starting out really but heres my blog —>

  15. oops sorry clicked ‘say it’ twice teehee

  16. jek says:

    oh yay! i’m anxiously waiting for my copy! we’re in the same issue how cool! i need to start making bread now…

  17. greta says:

    LOVE the toaster!
    Excited to get the next issue of Artful Blogging and read about YOU! yay.
    Here’s where your plush airplane lives:

  18. Donna says:

    This is my blog

    I use bloglines to keep track of all the blogs I read, especially since I’m now up to 212 different blogs…

  19. Claire P says:

    Hi Heidi!
    I do love your blog and the toaster looks fantastic!

    my blog is:

  20. Rachelle says:

    I am a huge fan of everything that Stampington and Co./Somerset Studio produces, and somehow I never heard of this mag!! Must order now! Thanks for sharing.
    I have a fairly new blog at
    I want to sell stuff on Etsy too, but haven’t gotten that far yet. My blog is about my art and craft and thrifting/shopping adventures. I’ve managed to post fairly regularly so far. It is fun. Cheers fellow bloggers!

  21. fee says:

    Hey Heidi,
    I have a blog, it’s a bit of a mix though!

    I wish I could update as much as you do :)

  22. Carrie says:

    What a great magazine!
    You can visit me at

  23. Cary says:

    looks like you have plenty of reading to do, but, you know, i’ll give you mine too…just in case you’re reaaaaaally bored. ;)
    it wants to be my art blog, but gets distracted by the kids sometimes.

  24. Jemibook says:

    Hi, I have my own blog.
    It’s mainly for my music, and I post a new song every monday. I also post some inspirations and outfit stuff. I like reading your blog for cute inspiration for my life.


  25. ashley says:

    I am a huge fan of your blog! If you have not already seen it, feel free to check out mine at

  26. francie says:

    love your blog but haven’t figured out how to add it to bloglines so i just have you in my favorites and i visit every day. :)

    my own blog is at

  27. Hi! I’ve got your blog in my reader already! Please do visit my blog.

  28. annie says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, I’m quite honored. I’ve been following yours for a while, you take the best images of your crafts!

  29. alexandra says:

    I have knitting, spinning, sewing, and embroidery. I’d love it if you’d stop by!

  30. Jen says:

    My bloggy blog is

    I combine craftiness and sportiness! Bizarre!

    Love the toaster.

  31. carrie says:

    I just started a blog about food. I have a highschool friend who lives in the Netherlands and writes about her cooking, and a college friend who lives in Chicago who also posts.
    It is

  32. Rachel says:

    My blog is new as of this week, and the pictures are broken right now because I messed with the html.

    BUT! Check it out! It’s a crafty/cooky blog by me and my sister.

  33. alice says:

    Ooooh thank you! I am quite new to my blog so still feel I am setting in, it is nice to get encouragement!


  34. maggie says:

    Hey! I know you just got like 50 new blogs to read, but I thought I’d also take you up on the offer. I just started mine but I’m trying to post everyday. It is kind of a mishmash of stuff I collect, places I go (or want to go) and things I do. Hence the title.

  35. planetjune says:

    My blog is here:

    I have 137 feeds in my bloglines right now… I keep trimming it but it’s still too many to keep up with. There are just too many good blogs out there!

  36. elizabeth says:

    you can check me out if you like:

  37. oh how wonderful, so many blogs to check out in the comments here!
    mine is

  38. Meg says:

    i love reading your blog, you make the cutest softies and the yummiest looking food. **sigh**

    here’s mine:

  39. Rachel says:

    hahaha ok mine is all fixed up now… pictures actually work!

  40. Anne says:

    I got distracted clicking on everyone else’s blogs. Mine is

  41. Jhoanna says:

    Delurking to say that I really admire your work and your ability to make everything so unbelievably cute and endearing.

    I’m a softie-maker from Melbourne, Aus., and my blog is here:


  42. Natch says:

    how does one get/use a blog reader? Such a thing would make my life so much easier! hah. Of course, it would probably mean I would start reading more blogs… a vicious cycle you know ;)

    my blog is located at though, being a full time student, it is generally only active over my breaks… thankfully, the longest break of the year, summer, is just one month away!

  43. meg says:

    in case you ever get to the bottom of this list…yes! I have a blog too.

  44. Julie says:

    I just found your site yesterday, but can already see what a great resource it is!

    I’d love to have you come visit my polka dot blog!

  45. Heidi says:

    Another Heidi here! I have you listed on my blog under a sidebar called “Crafty Heidi’s.”