Back From Disney!

Here is just a small glimpse at my past week! I have so many emails to read, orders to pack, and things to catch up on. I will add more photos over at Flickr as I can…Highlights of the week include—
+ Meeting Captn’ Hook! followed by a boat ride of Pirates to watch the fireworks.
+ Spending so much uninterrupted time with my family, self employment does not usually include days off
+ Small World, one ride I could never tire of
+ Having a date-night with Thomas at Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we had some amazing vegan + vegetarian food there, highly recommended!
+ Swimming every night in a pool with two built in water slides
+ The greenhouses at Epcot
I’ll be printing mailing labels and packing all the orders tonight. I was only online for a few short minutes on the 1st to get the update up, otherwise there just was never any time for it. We were out all day + night and by the time we got back to the resort at night we had time for a quick cup of coffee and then we would crash. Tomorrow should herald the return of regular blog postings.

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2 Responses to Back From Disney!

  1. justJENN says:

    Yay – my fave! I go to Disneyland every week but have been wanting to go to DisneyWORLD again for some time now. Glad you had fun!

  2. Hey cute girl!
    Happy Mothers Day!!