Crafty Bastards 2008

First off let me just say sorry for these blue-tinged photos. I didn’t realize till I uploaded them that I had my camera on manual, and set on indoors with overhead lighting. As a result blue photos it is.

Crafty Bastards was yesterday and turned out to be a really grand day. When we went to pack up the back of Tom’s truck yesterday morning around 5am it was raining and I just felt like it was going to be a horrible mess. The back of the truck was already wet so as quick as we could we laid down a large tarp and proceeded to load in all the bags, table, tent etc.) then we pulled up the sides of the tarp and covered it with a second tarp before tying it all down. Sort of like wrapping a giant present! Even though everything was bagged in plastic and then in duffel bags I always worry about it getting wet. Luckily the rain stopped before we got to DC and nothing suffered water damage.

Before I go into major detail about the show I want to talk about the house display up there..I was totally inspired by this blog post by Rosemary Travale. She used a template she linked and hers is way amazing. I decided at 2am Friday night (without any proper cardboard tools) to see if I could make a large bakery to hold cupcakes and toast. After a bit of tinkering I gave up on making anything that could be flat packed and reached for the tape and glue. I figured I would try and paper mache the whole thing and save it for a future show. Instead in the morning Katie told me I should really try and just decorate it so we could use it for Crafty Bastards…so with her help we covered it using polka dot paper, brown packing paper, and felt for the shingles.

I want to make a Bakery sign for it that can go across the front where the roof goes up to a point, but I am not sure how practical this solid bulky house will be for doing shows. I think it would be okay for shows I am driving too, but flying might be out of the question.

Back to Crafty Bastards…the show went really well. Huge crowds the entire time. I do think our section may have even appeared more crowded then other areas because we were in a bit of a cul de sac, you could not get out of it unless you turned around and went out the same way you came in.

It rained a few times, but it was never a horrible downpour. It always ended quickly and the sun came out in between. There were plenty of helpful staffers on hand to always ask if we needed anything, and they even brought around bottles of water for the vendors too. There was a free boxed lunch from Whole Foods for the vendors (which I don’t recall from previous years) The only bad part was they had ran out of vegetarian boxes by the time they got to our booth, so I walked down and got us jumbo slices of cheese pizza instead.

I got a fun sign for my booth saying VOTE for me, haha and it was awesome that some people came up and told me they had voted for me in the contest. It still runs until Oct. 3rd I believe, and you can still vote online as well.

So all in all the show was wonderful. It is one of my favorites to do. So close to home, so many volunteers to help you, etc. If you have ever considered it but been on the fence when it comes to applying…it is a really good one!

I was so worn out last night when I got home that I ended up in bed by 9pm. This morning we had an early morning of course with school and such, but we also had a school meeting scheduled for 8am. Then when I got back I had to carry all my plush, tables, supplies etc all back up the art studio on the 3rd floor, it seemed to take forever. I thought I would update real quick and then I have a few plush to finish for more shows. They have to be mailed this week. Then on Friday we are throwing a party for our oldest son. He is turning 13 so lots of prep work and things to get done for that as well! It is hard to believe I am about to be the mother of a “teenager”!!

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4 Responses to Crafty Bastards 2008

  1. katie says:

    It was fun! L woke me up this morning and I thought, “please let it be 2:00am” but alas it was 6:30am and time to get up:(

  2. Norma says:

    What if you did the house in a thin board that would be easily hooked together and broken down to be flat? I can see it in my head how you could attach it. If I don’t forget I will make a little drawing. I am thinking like the board that dollhouses or gliders are made from in the craft store.

  3. Everything looks awesome. I LOVE the bakery!

  4. abbigail says:

    The bakery is wonderful!! It all looks super delightful, I wish there was something like this in Kentuck.