Charlie + The Candy Mountain

Here is the cake my oldest son requested for his 13th birthday! We had his party last night and I still feel sleepy from the whole event :) How many 13 year old boys can say they had a pink birthday cake covered in unicorns…pretty awesome!

The cake is based on the animated short Charlie-Candy Mountain by Jason Steele. All the kids from his school knew right away what the cake was so that is a good sign.

I made the cake using a triple batch of homemade pound cake and baking it in 3 round pans and one very small cake pan. I layered them with chocolate frosting in between and once the whole thing was cool I trimmed it to resemble the mountain shape. Then I crumbed the whole cake in strawberry frosting, and then finished it with strawberry and more chocolate for the cave entrance.

I had plans to make the unicorns out of cookies, but ran out of time for all that. I even wanted to make the lettering from cookies with googly eyes, but that was maybe a bit ambitious haha. More on the party a little later.
**ETA Yeah as you can see Mountain is missing an “n” I should of mentioned that we didn’t realize till spelling it out that the letters only came with one N. We decided the N in candy had to be there, so then we improvised the last letter N with a Z (which I even accidently broke in half peeling off the paper backing!) sadly there was nothing else we could use for the other “n” but decided when reading over it, it would be one of those things your mind sort of enters the missing letter for you. It seems to have worked at the party no one commented at all haha…..