13 years old

So the big birthday party was last night. There are currently 3 kids sleeping away the day in the den downstairs (his two cousins spent the night). The party was until 11pm to allow plenty of time for us to drive + do the corn maze, cake, and pinata.

Highlights include:
+ the big toasty fire pit outside the corn maze that made waiting very nice.
+ seeing a black bear on the drive to the corn maze. My car was the lead car with my sister following and them Tom behind her. There was a black bear in the middle of the road and while we never came close to hitting it because we spotted it and it hurried to the woods, it was an amazing sight.
+listening to the conversations of 13 yr old girls (my car held all the girls as we drove) they were actually all really cute and an unusual change since I am used to being surrounded by boys all the time.
Lowlights include:
-realizing the corn maze was over 2 miles long and worrying that they would be lost in it forever. Luckily everyone made it out in about an hour and a half and we still had 30 minutes to spare before we had to start driving back.
-the crazy look in some of the kids eyes when the pinata broke open (Lord Of The Flies I tell ya!)
It was a really good night though and I think the kids all had a good time. We still have some more family birthday plans on Sunday, but much more mild relaxed sort of fun ;)

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4 Responses to 13 years old

  1. Louise says:

    Wow! I love the cake and would have loved a 13th party like that!
    With inspiration from your previous post, i have put up some handmade halloween decorations in my house, my whole family think i am crazy as it is quite premature (in the uk we dont really think about halloween until the 31st!), but i told them america seems to celebrate it all month so i will too! (plus im hoping for pumpkin pie early!)

  2. hey heidi
    goo post yaar

    keep blogging and more that that your crafts are really very cute….

    esp the cups, the leaf, the gaint cake etc….

    make some time and visit mablog as well

  3. A Black Bear!? That’s so awesome.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Veronica says:

    Yikes, where did you see the bear?! I’ve heard a lot of talk of bear sightings around here lately… kinda scares me. Most of them were around Fairfield, I think, but still…that’s close enough!