Long Weekend

So sorry for such a quiet weekend around the blog, it was an unplanned absence of sorts. Tom had off on Sunday (he normally works) so it added to the excitement. We had a busy weekend with visits from Tom’s sister, her husband, and little boy. It meant breakfast at our house one morning and dessert at Sean + Amanda’s that night.

We also had a party at a friend’s house over an hour away one afternoon so we have been all over. The weather has been very wonderful. Very good for being outside. The gnome is from the party…the house was a 70-style chalet and I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo of it, it was awesome. But I did have to photograph the poor gnome with broken cheeks. I can never find gnomes this good to buy, they are always these weird “new” cartoon looking gnomes, what’s up with that??

I also could not resist taking a photo of potato-man. Nothing says number “1” like local grown potatoes, the awesome illustration on the bag is just an added bonus. In bad news I have caught a cold that has wiped me out a bit (I’ve been really feeling it today). My sister came over in the morning to shoot photos for a magazine article, very exciting..and then I had so many boring errands to run (grocery shopping, buy more thread, etc.)