So very sleepy :) I meet my sister this evening in Frederick MD at Summer Farms. Hay slides, corn mazes, scarecrows, and giants bins of corn (for playing in and making corn angels). The kids are totally wiped out (I’m pretty ready for bed myself). Tomorrow is the local Pumpkinfest and I just cannot help myself, this is what fall is all about. We will soon be carving our pumpkins and making shrunken apple heads too. Tom is most excited about the shrunken heads.

In sewing news Pippi is almost done! Then there will probably be a longer break until I start the next doll. I still have costumes to work on and a birthday party to attend. It will be a very busy weekend indeed.

Smiley Sweatshirts

Just a quick entry for you today. In about ten minutes we are heading to B’s school to make applesauce! I’ve actually never made applesauce and am pretty excited. When B and I were shopping for buttons earlier this week we came across a little set of buttons (two eyes one nose).

He said he wanted me to sew a mouth and add them to a jacket. Well the next day I came across this green sweatshirt for $4 and knew it would be the perfect canvas for the smiley friend. Now, onto applesaucing!