Costumes part 1

Okay, so here is 1 of the possible 4 (still trying to convince Tom to be a giant banana) costumes for our family this year. K, my 13 year old son said he wanted to dress up as a anime/manga character named Deidara. At first I thought it would be pretty easy. He already had the coat I made from the anime convention where he had dressed up as Zetsu. I thought that we could pick up a long blonde wig, cut it, style it, and that it would turn out pretty good.

Well the wig was a mess. Cutting wig “hair” is pretty gross and made the wig look too bald in areas. The ponytail on top wouldn’t stick up, and pieces kept going into his eyes and mouth. So we scrapped the wig idea and I thought about ways I could sew hair. I was considering yarn, or strips of thin fleece until I started to really examine photos of the character.

Since he is a cartoon I started to think that sewing cartoony hair would be a better idea. I create a easy plain hat/hood out of the same yellow fleece. I kept trying it on myself and used my head to cut the ear areas away etc. I hand sewed all the chunks of hair onto the main hood and then created the bandanna from blue fleece and sewed it on to cover any of the seams.

Again with the hands my initial idea had been to buy gloves and sew mouths onto them. The more I thought about it I figured cartoon hands would be better. So using some fleece I traced my hands (our hands are almost exactly the same size) and created long gloves. I made sure that the stretch of the fleece was running so they would stretch wider as he got them on, instead of just stretching longer. I sewed the mouths up separately and added them with some hand sewing later. I’ll put some close up photos of the mouth/gloves on Flickr later.

I think that was about it. Oh so yes I did black out my son’s face on the one photo. If you have read my blog for awhile you know I never really show my kids. You just never know where photos will end up on the internet these days, so I just avoid it wherever I can. I did want you to be able to see the front though, so he gets a nice big smiley face instead. My youngest son’s costume is done too…so I’ll try and get some photos of that soon. His had a lot of thrifted parts and no sewing involved so it was really quick.


Every October downtown the local businesses create scarecrows and hang them all along the main street. This year Hot Dog man caught my eye and I have been meaning to take a photo of him. I finally got one! There are some funny ones this year like one made from all plastic bottles, and a football player with the world’s skinniest legs.

The other photo is all the headless scarecrows from the Pumpkinfest. They had everything to make your own scarecrow except of course heads. I thought they looked funny all together. We made the one with the orange shirt sitting on the stonewall.