Sorry for the bad photos, it is quite the grey rainy day here today. The weather has warmed up a bit though (in the 60s) but the sky is pretty dark.

I made a bunch of acorns recently. They still need all their stems which I will probably work on late tonight. They will be online in the Nov 1st update and also for the shows I have coming up in November.

This morning B and I assembled these pumpkin bags for his class’s Harvest Party on Halloween. I may not of mentioned it but I am Head Room Mother, heehee. On the forms they sent home I had actually marked that I would share the responsibility with someone else (I have never been head room mother of anything, when my 13 yr old was in early grade school I worked full time at a call center.) But since it turns out that no one else volunteered, it is all me :) Not that I mind I love planning parties, and seriously those kids are so sweet. When I went in for apple day they were the cutest things ever.

Anyhow since it is a Harvest/Fall Festival party nothing can be spooky or Halloween related. I am going to assemble small bento type boxes for the party food. With some boxes I have that are made for food but I was going to use for plush donut holes (actually something I am currently working on but I have a lot of boxes) Anyhow the bentos are going to be simple mini cupcake, pretzels, and fresh fruit but I am going to try and cute it all up of course.

Back to the pumpkin bags they are modeled after a kit Martha Stewart has. I do believe her bags are on the small side though and since the goodie bags each also contain a pencil I needed something tall. I bought regular orange paper bags and used floral tape to make the stems. I do plan to wrap pipe cleaners around the stems in curls like the ones in the kit too, but I have to dig out green ones first. :)