Halloween make + do

So we have been having some Halloween fun around here thanks to so many awesome people posting patterns + things to do. I thought I would share some of my favorites while you still have time to make them.

#1- Martha Stewart shows us how to make paper mache cats + pumpkins using crepe paper. I couldn’t find black crepe paper so I used tissue paper. I had to use a lot to thicken it up but it didn’t run or stain the way the red did! The red was so messy.

#2 The ultra talented Soto Softies generously shares her bat finger puppet pattern, so you can make a bat for your little ones. I made the one above for B this morning, and accidentally sewed an ear on backwards haha.

#3 Jennifer Murphy provides a little how-to on making a pumpkin man. I didn’t have any orange felt so I made due with fleece and green felt for my leaves. I didn’t glue his face on yet because I am considering making a different mouth for him. If your not familiar with her work check out the rest of her website it is amazing.

Have fun I have a lot to do today with finishing projects for the school party, and my costume…tomorrow is Trick Or Treating around here!