Halloween mini-cakes

Oh cupcakes! I made mini cupcakes for the school party today. The party went well although the two other parent volunteers did not show. Everything went smoothly and the kids were so cute and sweet. I made cupcakes topped with the pumpkin candy for the party and had so many extras (I only needed 20) that I decorated the rest for this evening.

My sister is coming over tonight for the Halloween parade and bringing 4 kids, so they will get eaten up in no time. Here is also a photo of my cupcake topper collection right now. I keep them corralled inside a plastic container and another for cupcake liners. This collection is from thrifting, and shopping online at Fancy Flours + Sugar Craft. Sugar Craft has some pretty rad vintage stuff too! I got a Ren and Stimpy cake topper to keep on my toy shelf from there.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Thanks for all the costume love….we had a really good time! I might not be able to update tomorrow before I leave for San Fransisco, but if not I’ll be back on Monday.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here are our photos from Trick Or Treating last night. The weather was perfect, we looked like a bunch of perfect fools, and we all had a great time. I make a pretty ugly man, and with the pillow for extra tummy I think I instead looked a little like a pregnant women with a mustache! :)…No body realized what I was from, they said things like “oh a chef to cook the hotdog” But that is okay, you wonderful blog readers know right?

I posted costume details over on Flickr and will try and get some more photos up. I am getting last minute things ready for the school party so that is all for now!