I love Thursdays

I know it might be a bit odd to look forward to a “week day” Most people TGIF, but Thursday’s are Tom’s day off so around here they are my favorite. Sure I do get him every morning to early afternoon, and he is home weeknights to help get the kid’s ready for bed + reading. But Thursdays are a whole day of uninterrupted goodness. Being married to a tattoo artist might not be everyone’s ideal situation, but we both work hard to insure that it works for us and our family. This some times means family breakfasts instead of dinners, it means Tom takes it upon himself each morning to wake up at 6:30am and help get our oldest son off to school (while the younger one and I sleep in a bit longer) We have this funny balance we keep to make sure the boys both get time alone with him each day, and I think we actually make it work.

Of course back to Thursdays, those are extra special. Yesterday we headed to the Pennsylvania Dutch Market for pumpkin donuts, then coffee. We got B off to school together and then went out on a lunch date just the two of us. We gathered the boys from school and headed to the bookstore, we came back home for family dinner and made some shrunken apple heads. Once the boys were in bed we started to watch X-files together (woo!). I have only ever seen some of the episodes so we are going to Netflix the series and have started at the beginning. (90’s hair!) I’ve been so excited to sit down and watch them all.

At the bookshop I was happily surprised to stumble upon Gregory Maguire’s new book. I had no idea a third one was coming out and it is always the best treat to find out that an author you love has written a new book. I must also admit that all other books have been pushed aside so I can properly submerge myself into Maguire’s Wicked world!

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13 Responses to I love Thursdays

  1. andrea says:

    Ahh, those apples are adorable :)

  2. Rachel says:

    Books, donuts, coffee, lunch date, X-Files… I think you just described my perfect day!

  3. Rane says:

    Lucky you! I love it when I can get my hubby
    to myself! (I have a small army of kids and it
    almost never hapens!) I went to the bookstore
    and picked up a pretty cool book! The crafter’s
    Companion!!! And there is some cute faced little
    crafts in there by someone we all recognize!!
    I love your pages in there~ I love the whole
    book! It is sooo fun to see how all of my favorite
    web/blog crafters think! Pretty cool!!
    Thanks for sharing your Thursday (even though I
    read it on friday night!LOL!!!)
    Happy week end, Have fun and keep warm(it is cold
    her in IL.)
    Rane and kids.

  4. Katie says:

    My boyfriend spent part of his tax stimulus check on the entire series of the X-files back in May and we spent our entire summer watching it! I only watched a few episodes when it was on tv, but we really got addicted to it! Enjoy!

  5. Bean says:

    Love the shrunken heads, they came out great!!

    (and how can you beat the perk of free ink?)

  6. Lilie says:

    One of these days I will have to figure out what episodes I was a extra on X-Files!

  7. yay to shrunken apple heads! nat and i did some this year too (i have a post here: http://owlacrobat.livejournal.com/35322.html and here: http://mylittlebighead.blogspot.com/2008/10/little-halloween-for-you.html) and i too, am reading the roald dahl’s book too (http://mylittlebighead.blogspot.com/2008/10/just-right-for-season.html). and….i just found out about the third book too and now i need to get it. it’s funny because you knew for awhile that he was writing son of a witch but then this one just came out of nowhere!

  8. Kaila says:

    Roald Dahl wrote a book of ghost stories?! Why was I not fully aware of and obsessed with this book as a kid? I will have to decide if I can bring myself to look for this in my college bookstore, haha.

    Does apple heads are adorable as well :D

  9. Well, I think it would be pretty sweet to be married to a tattoo artist, actually! And hey, my husband and I are also getting X-Files from Netflix–we love to play the “now Gillian’s pregnant, not she’s not” game along with admiring the 90’s hair. :-)

  10. spooky daddy says:

    Tom is the kind of dad i try really hard to be.
    You two are just the best parents ever.
    At least I think so.

  11. Janet Nolan says:

    You will have to watch Crusoe the Series that is on Friday nights now. Hopefully it will come out on Netflicks, or maybe you can watch on NBC’s online. It is really good, Jer and I have watched the first two so far.

  12. Caro says:

    Hubby and I just finished watching seasons 1-9 of The X-Files! I’d forgotten how good some of the older episodes are (and, sadly, how bad some of the newer ones are). That kept us busy for a few months!

  13. Heatherica says:

    I loved Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Wicked and have always wanted to read his other books, but never got around to it! I really must!! And I LOVE Roald Dahl. :)