The Great Lantern Parade 2008

Last night Tom got off work early so we could head to Baltimore with the boys for the lantern parade. This was Tom’s first year attending and the theme could not be more fitting Beware The Jabberwocky. We had a really good time, and the weather was pretty mild compared to some years. It was scheduled for Saturday but the rain postponed it to Sunday which was a beautiful day.

The last photo is the make-up I wore. Trying to be the doll version of Alice from this, to fit the theme… but also practice for my Queen Of Hearts makeup for Halloween! Of course the only non blurry photo is the one where I am not smiling looking pretty pissed. I tried to get a quick photo in the car (don’t worry not driving) before we headed out.

The parade was awesome and I think next year we will try and plan ahead and maybe make a lantern of our own. Of course it is one of those things you always think about in hindsight. I’ll get some more photos up over on Flickr later today.

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4 Responses to The Great Lantern Parade 2008

  1. Janet Nolan says:

    You look like a Geisha in this picture! Pretty cute!!! That looked like it was alot of fun!

  2. Dawn says:

    Heidi…you look fantastic and what a cool parade. Wow!!!

  3. shellei says:

    wow! I’ve never heard of that lantern fesitval, and my mom lives right around there. It looks like fun. Your make up is pretty too; models never smile in phots, they always look pissed so I think your not smiling is appropriate.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Heatherica says:

    I love your makeup!!
    I’ve never heard of Alice! I’ll have to put it in my queue.