Bernsville, PA

Alright last post I promise :) The last leg of our road trip was an hour west of Paradise, PA to Bernville PA. We were headed to Koziar’s Christmas Village. When we turned onto Christmas Village Rd the sun was just disappearing behind the mountains. When we crested the hill you could suddenly see the village and everyone in the car let out an “Awwwwww!” Heather and I were just as excited as the kids!

The Christmas Village is mostly outdoors so while it was chilly we had a pretty good day for it. It opens in the evening once it is dark so you can enjoy the thousands of lights. We got there right about opening and stayed almost two hours. When we arrived we got a good parking spot and didn’t have any troubles. However when we left there was a huge line of cars waiting to turn into the village that stretched back so far! I would just suggest arriving early to avoid being one of those cars.

There are tons of trains outdoors and inside. Gift shops which we just avoided, and a long winding path that takes you along lit up life size dioramas, wood cut outs, and other holiday things. My favorite was the ice cream shop covered in the ice cream lights. Inside the shop window you could see a huge Raggedy Ann + Andy display (photos on Flickr). We all had a really good time, and I think the kids enjoyed the day quite a bit. We had hot cocoa and popcorn, and photos taken with snowmen + reindeer.

Afterwards we stopped for dinner on the way home and then they all came back to our house for a big slumber party. Heather and I are already planning a return trip to Lancaster. I had spied a Steamboat Hotel that would be amazing to stay in and there is always Dutch Wonderland to check out. :)

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with a shop update, info on when I am closing down the shop for my holiday celebrations, and a few new things to show you.

Shoo-fly Pie (stop #2)

Growing up my Mom made shoo-fly pie for most holidays (corn flake cookies too). So it was not a big surprise that Heather and I would make a mid-day stop here for some pie. This place is also in Paradise PA…I’m not sure of the name but it is on Lincoln Highway and with that beautiful spinning windmill on top it would be hard to miss.

It is packed with souvenir type things and I did pick up a t-shirt for Tom. But they sell pie, pretzels, other baked goods, and homemade rootbeer too. The kids went with pretzels and Heather and I got each got a warmed slice of chocolate shoo-fly pie topped with whipped cream. We did think of you Mom while we ate!! I still have one more post that I will probably save for a little bit later.. Back to work for me!

Paradise PA

Yesterday was such an awesome day! My sister and I have been planning this day-road trip for a couple weeks now and I felt like the day would never come. I am knee deep in work today but wanted to stop for a little bit so I could post some of the many many photos I took yesterday.

My sister and her kids came over in the morning and we headed out in her car (luckily we all just fit) to Paradise PA. It is about a 2 hour drive and in the heart of Lancaster County. Our first destination was the National Christmas Museum. The name doesn’t really do it justice..I think it should be called Amazing Christmas Wonderland or something instead, but whatever.

The admission fee is pretty cheap (and they have $1 off coupons on the website) The museum is set up so you weave your way at your own pace winding through rooms and trails all focused on Christmas. There is even one room set up as a 1950’s Woolworth store. This was probably my most favorite part of all and I could of spent hours in that room alone. You can see a list of the exhibits and all the other info on their website. I will also post more photos over on Flickr too.

I’ve got to get back to work now (the shop update is tomorrow, I have orders to pack, and we leave Friday for Boston!) But I will either get back online later tonight to post some more of our Christmas adventures from yesterday or tomorrow morning. :)