trees + owls

Lots of things going on over here at our house. With Thanksgiving coming up this week there will be lots of festivities. I am also working on goods for the Dec. 1st update. I will still be closing my shop early again this year (probably Dec. 15th) but I plan to have anything listed in the shop sewn and ready to ship, so I won’t have to stress on sewing orders when I am trying to get ready for a show.

I will be heading with the whole family to Boston next month for Bazaar Bizarre on Dec. 7th. We are traveling by train and I couldn’t be more excited. Besides subways I have never ridden on a train, lest taken a trip on one. With a deal I found online the train ended up being $200 cheaper then flying, so an added bonus there.

Above are one of the projects I am working on for December..some new pinbacks. I have three art show deadlines coming up really quickly as well so most of my Sunday will be spent in the studio working. Luckily my youngest son had a friend spend the night and they have been wrapped up in legos since breakfast. My older son has started book three of the Twlight series so he has entertainment as well. I’ll be back online tomorrow with a couple of our Thanksgiving projects, and maybe a peek at our Christmas cards for this year!