I am so very thankful for so many things… family, my friends, all you kind readers, and people who have supported my art by buying something from me over the years. Thanks to all of you + the encouragement of my friends and family I get to do something I love each and every day.

I am thankful for our home and the time we get to spend here. I am thankful for our little town and all the things living in a small town have afforded us. I am thankful for our health and happiness, keeping in touch with my family even though it has scattered a bit location wise.

Yesterday was a nice day to reflect and spend time with family. We headed out early to Tom’s parents to watch the parade. I had made maple cinnamon roll the night before so I only needed to bake them before we went. I didn’t get a photo because all 12 were finished off (always a good sign right?) We enjoyed a tofurkey-feast, while everyone else ate the real thing. Tom’s mom is really good about making sure she has plenty of veggies cooked.. Amanda had brought cranberry dressing she made and the pumpkin pie, so good!

There was the normal rounds of Uno + Jenga, and laying about feeling full, warm, and loved. When we did finally trek home after 6pm we put on the Christmas music and started to go through the boxes of Christmas decorations. I was a bit embarrassed to realize that we had 4 full totes of Christmas goodness, but that quickly passed.

We have a big white tree that we got for $5 after Christmas one year and we always set that up in the living room and save the dining room (the central part of our home) for the real tree which we will get when we return from Boston. We decorated the white tree, and some various other small trees we have (I know crazyville), we set up a little village, and I marveled at the awesome stuff I had bought last year after Christmas and forgotten all about (lots of it Martha Stewart).

Today my black Friday will be spent at home…If I do any shopping it will be via the laptop, or maybe the local thrift shops. We did some thrifting last black Friday and it was so nice. I also plan to do some cleaning, and sewing, and stocking for the shop update on Dec. 1st.