Felt Club 2008!

My whirlwind trip out to LA for Felt Club is over, but I have to say I had such a good time and it doesn’t even feel like I was there for 27 hours (which is how short my stay was) I arrived Saturday evening at Jenny’s house around 6pm. We worked on posters for the show, had a late night Kinkos run for maps, and ended the night with milkshakes and crafts on her living room floor watching Gilmore Girls, who could ask for anything better? Beats a hotel any day!

The next day was Sunday/Felt Club. I followed Jenny and Johnny to the venue (which was awesome by the way) and the show got going at 11. There was a huge line around the block which I heard someone say started at 9am. I think people were excited about the swag bags (which they should have been because I helped carry those and they were HEAVY!) The swag bags had books, craft books inside, a lace knitting kit, and I can only imagine what other goodies! Pretty amazing stuff and had me wishing I was in line to get one.

The day was filled with good things and great kind people. From the three gals who were going out and offered to pick me up breakfast + coffee before the show started, to Jesseee and her husband who had the booth next to me and were kind enough to man my booth whenever I wanted to shop, or go watch Leslie Hall preform. Leslie was awesome by the way. I got to chat with her briefly before she was all sparkly and I almost wasn’t sure if it was her except she was sitting at her booth. She was so sweet and has the best sense of humor. I have always had a place in my heart for pretty girls who don’t mind looking kooky for a good laugh.

I have to say another huge highlight of the night was having DJ Lance Rock come over to my booth. I had started taking down the trees and packing away things I didn’t need since I had to leave a little early. Again he was kind and sweet and didn’t even seem to mind me being a geek and telling him how awesome he was. He bought the two deer girls because he didn’t want to separate them and I couldn’t think of a better home for them! After he let me take his picture, he came back a little while later and gave me that postcard. Isn’t he so awesome? I mean obviously I was a crazy fan, yet he still came back…aww made me just love him even more. My kids were totally impressed and we are of course framing the card.

Such an amazing show, such a good trip. I bought so much stuff, I’ll have to make another post with those goodies. I drove around by myself and didn’t get lost or panicky once. I made my flight there and back home with no problems. Actually on the flight there I even had a whole row to myself! I wasn’t so lucky for the return flight, it was packed. The return flight was under 5 hours and even though we left at ten pm Sunday night I arrived back on the east coast around 6am (time loss and all). I slept fitfully the flight home and crashed when I got home. I had a nice nap while Tom was still here, but I still feel a little jet lagged. It will just be an early night tonight and then hopefully I will be back to east coast time. Oh and as always there will be more photos over on Flickr too.

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19 Responses to Felt Club 2008!

  1. Rane says:

    Ack!!! My 3 year old son is about to die!!
    I cant believe you got “his” autograph!!
    LOL! How fun! Sound like this trip more than made
    up for the last one! Don’t you just love Karma!
    Looks like you did you have loads of fun!!!
    I am very jelouse!!!
    Rane and Leo.

  2. Pang says:

    MAN! how awesome is that?!! DJ Lance Rock? what a wonderful time.

  3. Jenny says:

    Looks like a great time! Oh my gosh Leslie and Lance – craft fairing with the stars! Sweet golden hug!

  4. Morgan says:

    It was nice to finally meet you and see your work in person after reading your blog for so long. Glad to hear that you had a great trip to LA. Too bad it was so smokey out here!

  5. SO COOL! I’m glad the show went well and meeting DJ Lance Rock… and him owning two of your plushies?!? AWESOME! :)

  6. Lisa says:

    WHOA!! That is SUCH a whirlwind trip!! You should have stayed one more day & gone to Santee Alley & the garment district for fabric shopping!!

  7. Molly says:

    My four year old niece and I are super jealous of you! Yo Gabba Gabba is our favorite show to watch and dance together!

  8. shing says:

    I ran by your table at Felt Club and bought a banana. I forgot to introduce myself, but I had to get back to my own table!

    (but I did blog about my felt club loot in my blog, banana included. I love my cute new banana. My boyfriend almost died laughing when I removed the banana from the peel.)

  9. corinne says:

    I can’t believe you met both Leslie and DJ Lance! that is so awesome! (my buddy Bryan met Leslie too at her show, and said she was so so cool!)
    by the way, did you see Leslie on Yo Gabba Gabba! She was great!
    Glad you had such a great time!

  10. Eleanor says:

    I’m so glad you came out to LA! Ditto on Morgan, it was great to finally meet you and see your work in person! You’re amazing!

    And Leslie Hall is a hot lady. esp. in her tassels and sparkles!

  11. Nicole says:

    That is too cool!!! My big kid and I are super jealous that you got to meet Leslie and DJ Lance Rock :) We are super big Yo Gabba Gabba fans around here!

  12. Autumn says:

    By the way, I am passing on the Kreativ Blogger award to YOU! See my blog for more details!

  13. Jenn says:

    It was nice getting to talk to you in person. After the fact I thought “what a dork I was…I never introduced myself” durr. I guess i was just in a shopping frenzy.
    Meeting DJ Lance for me was great. He was just the sweetest! He even gave my son a “special” pin and chatted with him for a while. He is still talking about it. I can’t wait to my son sees the banana in his stocking…he is going to flip. Besides the banana and DJ Lance he hasn’t stopped talking.
    Glad you had a nice time in LA…our air is bad but usually not so bad!

  14. Babz says:

    Great to see you had a fab trip and met some really cool people :D Im excited to see all your goodie purchases! Your table looks pure cuteness and I see you made a mini tree??? TO CUTE!!!

  15. ive seen the US version of yo gabba gabba, so much better than the UK version, they dubbed it with english voices and just doesnt sound as cool hehe

  16. Summer says:

    What a blast! ‘nough said! :)

  17. jessina says:

    That’s awesome! Yooooooooo gabba gabba!

  18. Silvia says:

    You really seem to have had a good time! Great!

  19. hana says:

    dangit!! i was at Felt Club, but i missed DJ Lance. awesome postcard!