One of my main reasons for not rushing into Christmas too quickly (although I am really excited to start those celebrations) is my five year old’s big interest in Thanksgiving this year. He has been asking lots of questions on what Thanksgiving means, and why we celebrate it. I have been doing my best to explain why we personally celebrate it and how traditions are passed down etc.

I am also taking this time to explore a little family history with both the boys. My great grandmother on my father’s side was part of the Penobscot Tribe. This tribe of Native Americans were the original natives of Maine where a lot of my father’s relatives still live today. My mom is really into genealogy and family history and is sending the boys a package this week with some more information. In this time of Thanksgiving and reflection and history I’d also like to read Sarah Vowell’s The Wordy Shipmates, has anyone else read it? I always enjoy her contributions on This American Life and it seems just such an appropriate time of year to dive into the book.

Oh yes and for crafty things…B has been drawing lots of turkeys…since turkeys are an iconic symbol of Thanksgiving. We made some cards for our friends a relatives. He drew all the turkeys and wrote a message inside. Together we glittered them up. I used a Martha Stewart pumpkin glittering kit that I got for 80% off after Halloween. It came with glue, and 3 big things of glitter in red, orange, and a cinnamon looking color. We still have so much left for other crafty endeavors as well. Oh and see the photo of B–he is dressed as Indiana Jones. We found a costume super cheap (also after Halloween) and he has been putting it on at least once a day. :)

Lots of things going on today, work to finish etc. Tom and both the boys have off school tomorrow so we are making some fun plans. The weather has gotten very very cold and we even had snow flurries all yesterday. It was so beautiful and put me in the best mood!

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15 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. steven says:

    those cards are too cool, a future designer i think i see… i want one… i wish all turkeys had glittery tail feathers..x

  2. Oh my goodness!!! These cards are super great, I just love them. Wow, I love them.

  3. Mouse says:

    What great turkey cards – I love the glitter! My son (he’s 7) has become totally obsessed with Indiana Jones since seeing the latest movie. He ended up dressing up for Halloween as Indie with a thrift store “costume” of a white shirt, brown pants, and one of my dad’s leather hats.

  4. Nicole (xsaltyx) says:

    I LOVE the turkey cards. They are so awesome. You could sell them. :)

  5. ki from lj says:

    says my six year old of the cards and costume: “that totally rocks. i love them. *mutters* i wish i had an indiana jones costume..”

    apparently the han solo costume i made wasn’t enough!

  6. louisa says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing those little hands and the turkeys. :0) I’ve been dearly missing the years when my girls and I made holiday cards. They just grow up too quickly…. Give that sweet one a hug!

  7. darlingbeatrice says:

    I’m almost finished with the Wordy Shipmates and this entry made me think of one part in particular. Her nephew is asking when the pilgrims and indians made friends, and had the first Thanksgiving, after seeing a film showing the Pequot tribe fighting the settlers. It’s a pretty good book, a tad dry but still fascinating.

  8. enviee says:

    those little turkeys are so so lovely, I’d totally save out my favorites and frame it as a series of 3 or 5, so so sweet!!!!
    I can not wait till my girls are making arts like these!
    (they’re 2 months and 2 years, so maybe we have a few years to go..)

  9. Summer says:

    Oh, those cards are just DARLING!

  10. lauren says:

    Those are some superfly disco turkeys! Love ’em!

  11. Lisa C. says:

    Thanks for this post and the previous one with the houses. Gives me more ideas of crafts to do with the kids. Hope you are all enjoying their day off!

  12. Rane says:

    Gotta love the turkeys! Hallmark eat your
    heart out! They cant make em’ like these!
    I have to admit I love the one next to him,
    in the last photo. I love that it has no
    beek. Toooo cute! Or maybe that it is red?
    It is too fab!
    Thanks for sharing your family with ours.
    Rane and kids

  13. cecilie says:

    Ah, I LOVE the turkey cards!
    And I love how each one is a bit different, and all the little details he has put on each one. :)

  14. I picked up the audiobook of Wordy Shipmates, but I haven’t yet listened to it. Her voice and style are so unique that I had to go the audiobook route with this one. (All her others, I’ve read in book form.)

  15. Rachel says:

    These are fabulous! I love all the little differences. Getting one of these would totally make my Thanksgiving-what a great idea! I’ll be linking.