Gifts #1

When we were in Boston the kids saw some handmade trophies for sale at the Bazaar Bizarre and have been dying to make their own since the train ride home. The maker doesn’t appear to have a website so I can’t link her, but they were fun! My oldest son has been plotting and scheming and gathering toys from his closet and attic to turn into trophies to give his friends.

It is a good use for old toys, and we just used some of those little wooden plaques you can get at the craft shop for 50 cents. We did have 2 trophy bases that Tom took off some trophies he had from his childhood (I know sad right, but he said they were generic ones given out to the whole team). We just used hot glue to hook the toys together, and gold spray paint.

Even our youngest son was into it and he placed the figures and then we glued them for him. Although his “trophy” was just three toys standing on the plaque once it was spray painted gold it looked fancy! We came to the conclusion that anything looks better in shiny gold haha. Tom even sprayed one of the lone monkeys to hang on our tree so we would always remember the fun we had making these.

I didn’t get really good photos because we made them last night, and then this morning it is such a dark day. It is raining and feels more like evening then morning. I’ll try and take some better photos just for Flickr later. I’m going to post some more of the handmade gifts today as I can. I took photos of another one outside, so the photos are not bad.

Also for the mushroom fans there is an excellent tutorial here, with photos and everything! I’ll go back and link it under the cookie post too, sorry I didn’t do it before I was rushing to leave and wanted to hurry and get a post up.

Snowflake Curtains

While I await my husband’s return from work so we can begin celebrating our anniversary I thought I would post about what I did today. Thanks for all the well wishes by the way :)

My friend Katie’s little boy had spent the night on Friday so she came over to hang out a bit today. We had plans to work on some ornaments but we had some struggles with them and decided to cut out snowflakes instead. I told her I wanted to create curtains for the front windows of lacey snowflakes and because she is such a good friend she helped.

I had a book of snowflake patterns but to be honest once we got the folding down, it was less of a pain to just make our own cuts and not worry about any set pattern. We made several different sizes as well. It took 17 snowflakes of various sizes to make one half sized window curtain.

All of our curtains use tension rods, so the snowflakes were easy to hang. We laid out a grouping of 3-4 flakes flat on the couch and then careful wove white thread through them to create a chain. We usually would take the thread back around the snowflake at the tops and bottom (to hold them in place so they didn’t just slide down the thread). Once we had a row we made a loop on the top and slide it onto the tension rod. Above are photos of Katie threading the flakes, the window during the day, and then again at night (with Muffin peeking out to see why the heck I went outside). I have one more window to work on and hopefully cutting out the snowflakes will make the time fly until Tom gets home :)