I am having a really difficult time with my website. This morning it was down and it took me forever to get that fixed. Then I started to update the shop, and got a few things added but now (using zencart) I keep getting this error:1062 Duplicate entry ‘32767’ for key 1 No matter what I try and do. This means I cannot add anything to the shop, edit anything, or get order information! I searched and there was a temp fix posted, but when I try that it just gives another error message. It also says I will have to upgrade zencart to fix. I have read the instructions on upgrading—but I cannot understand any of it, I don’t know enough to just start messing around with mysql…I don’t know what to do…anyone??? I didn’t make my webshop or site, and at times like this I wish I had the knowledge to just fix things because I feel just totally lost. Meanwhile this is why the shop is not updated :( :(

ETA: I did it, I fixed it!!! I am working on the shop update now! My options were to either download a new version of zencart which entails so much crazy web knowledge, or to fix it without upgrading: Open phpMyAdmin to access your store’s database. Click on the SQL tab Paste the following into the textarea, and click Go:…and if you have a prefix (which mine did and took some figuring out) that had to be added too. But it is fixed, hank goodness!