Boston 2008

Back from Boston, we all had a great time! The train was great and I see many more train travels in our future! The show was really good, and we even had some snow while we were in Boston. We took the kids to Kam Man Marketplace, we tried Grasshopper’s Vegan Restaurant for dinner after the show, and I got to finish two books on the trip! Book 3 of the Twlight books which my sister got me into, and The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Today is all about getting all the last orders out. The shop will remain open with whatever I have left. I am going to update it to reflect everything I have leftover from the Boston show. Then I am going to focus my attention on baking for family members who do not live close by, for their Christmas packages. It is time to sit down and make myself a list of things to do like Christmas cards, handmade gifts, and planning the Holiday kindergarten party. I have also volunteered myself to work a day at the Secret Santa shop at the school, which I imagine is going to be so much fun. I’ll be back online tomorrow with some more holiday goodness and maybe a couple of recipes to share.