The Parade Of Horses

Yesterday the kids and I headed to West Virginia to meet up with my sister, and my friend Katie. All together we had 7 kids (when we get together we are the party) We spent the afternoon in downtown Charles Town doing a little window shopping, a lunch date, and then watched the Parade Of Horses.

It was a holiday themed parade where any horse owners/lovers were invited to come and participate with their horses. I loved some of the costumes we saw, and so many sleighs! Heather got hit in the face with a little sewn fabric bag of candy just as she was lowering her camera from taking a photo…kind kooky, and then behind the parade was a truck and a bunch of elves whose job it was to shovel all the horse droppings from the streets a sort of comical ending to the parade.

Today’s weather is very unbelievable for December in PA. We had highs in the upper 60’s and I didn’t wear a coat all day. I tried to just enjoy the unseasonable weather since around midnight tonight it is supposed to drop below freezing. We are in for a wintery mix of sleet and snow. I am hoping it is more snow less sleet.

I’m about to settle down now in front of the tree and help my youngest wrap his gifts from the Secret Santa Shop, and then I have 2 parties to get planning. It is hard to believe there are only 9 days until Christmas!