Santa Claus is coming to town!

+Santa has been spotted day in and day out around these parts. I have been officially labeled “Mrs. Claus” by my five year old :) He had been asking for a Santa suit since we got the tree all up. Since they only seem to make cheesy santa outfits for babies I made him one out of red fleece, black and yellow felt for the belt, velcro, and a furry fleece for all the trim (which was so messy and made me look like I had been through a snow storm)

+Reindeer candy canes! I remember making these with my mom when I was little. The kids and I made these so they could give out to their school friends.

+Some kooky cookies…they were fun to decorate (and the cookie cutters are from Bake It Pretty) but I used some hazelnut soy creamer when I was making the frosting thinking it would make it a little more flavorful and the truth is I hate the way they taste now.

+Christmas donuts…Tom got these on Thursday and they were massive. Shared the monsters with the kids and we still couldn’t finish them all.

a few other bits of randomness…

+Pushing Daisies-why oh why is the show canceled? My sister recommended it and we watched the first disc last week, and we both love it. Its beautiful, the dialog is fun, there is knitting + pies..what is wrong with ABC?

+ We’ve been spending a lot of time listening to the soundtrack from Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, gluing, sewing, and cutting. Tonight I am attending a Christmas tea party which is pretty exciting, my friend Katie’s mom is throwing it. She is a member of the historical society and has amazing taste when it comes to entertaining. This women knows the importance of fabric napkins and lace doilies. :)