outside the snow is falling…

It has been snowing all day long, such a beautiful sight! While the kids were in school I made a run out to the grocery shop for all kinds of baking goods. I figured if school is canceled and the roads are bad tomorrow it will be the perfect day to bake like fools.

Meanwhile the cards have all been mailed (and some might have even arrived today) Inside the ones to family are some kooky knee-hugging elves. I photo-shopped the kids faces and they kept cracking me up. I blurred the faces a bit for this post but you still get the idea. I had originally planned to dress the kids are gnomes and do a photo card, but when I got out the Christmas stuff I found these awesome gnome cards that I forgot I bought last year after Christmas. I decided to make something to go inside instead.

I also have finally wrapped, packed, and mailed all of our Christmas gifts that need to travel this year! Feels good to know they are out and on their way. Now I am going to go look through recipes and see what we should bake.

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One Response to outside the snow is falling…

  1. min says:

    Oh how I would kill for those cards! I love your ornaments too. My friend had her whole family dress up as gnomes for Halloween. Hilarious details she used, including pushing the littlest kid dress as a gnome in a wheelbarrow. Looked just like a garden guy.