I’ll return soon!

I’ll return on Monday with tales of my weekend away. I have planned a birthday get-away for my sister who is turning 33 very soon! We are both pretty excited about the trip and hopefully the weather will corporate. There will be much thrift shopping, some swimming, and some happy birthday singing!

I’ll leave you with my newest fabric from Spoonflower.

a little smurfy

I got a little goodies box from my parents in the mail today. Family photos put onto dvds, note cards, and 3 boxes of Re-ment that my dad bought for me. I already have the set with the teapot so I was nervous opening them…but all three were different!

I added them to my shelf and it looks as though the Re-ment is going to need a shelf of it’s own soon. Or I might start looking for a small dollhouse kit.

The smurf is a magnet that has been hanging out on our fridge for awhile now, he seemed appropriate to post though since Smurfs live in houses. Plus we bought Smurfs on DVD and whenever the kids watch it, it takes me back to watching it with my sisters in the 80’s.

The sun is out melting all the snow and ice. The kids are actually back in school today after what was a 6-day unplanned vacation. 6 days in a long time to spend mostly at home and even the library was closed the last couple of days. It’s nice to be back in the swing of things. I am actually so ready for Spring (I know, its not even February but I can’t help it.) I spent time last night using iMovie to create a slideshow dvd of all of our 2008 photos set to music. We watched it last night and got teary + happy + missing warming days. Mom + Dad I am sending you guys a copy too.

snow + ice

We are in the middle of another winter storm. It snowed again last night and then turned into freezing rain. It is supposed to get colder later and turn back into snow. The dolls below are something I found last time I went thrifting with my sister. Her birthday is coming up very soon and I have planned a special weekend get-away for us both. I’m pretty excited about it! But for now back to the snow + ice and staying warm.