Some time before Christmas I was looking around online for a bargain on spun cotton mushrooms. In my search I came upon this awesome tutorial by The Fabled Needle for making your own, using paper clay. I saved it so I could come back to it and make some after the holidays and this morning I did just that.

I didn’t have any paperclay but I did have Sculpey’s Ultra Light so I used that instead. I did have to bake them, but I just stood them up inside a cup that was oven safe and once they had cooled I could paint right away. I love that you could make so many colors and sizes, and really one pack of clay can make a lot of mushrooms. I made 17 and didn’t even come close to using half of the clay (which cost me $9.99) So really they end up being far cheaper then buying the cotton spun ones.

I still need to clear coat mine to give them a bit more shine, but it was such a fun project! My youngest had his own ideas for the clay. :)

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8 Responses to Mushrooms!

  1. alice says:

    So cool! I am going to give this a go too, maybe they would look good poked into flower pots outside amongst the plants.

  2. Carrie says:

    OOOH, love ’em, speaking of mushrooms I found an adorable mushroom fabric at Joann’s. I posted a pic of it today.

  3. Heatherica says:

    I love those colors!

  4. Kira says:

    How fun…You are too talented!

  5. Lisa Lomano says:

    Oh my GOSH!!! I need a MILLLLLLION of those!!!

  6. Angela says:

    these are adorable!

  7. angie says:

    these are awesome!!! I must try this too…i love mushrooms!

  8. read me... says:

    WOW… love them! What will you do with them?